We are no longer accepting members for our apple CSA program for 2020.  We need to limit our numbers to what our orchard can provide for.  We briefly re-opened enrollment in late August because our orchard is yielding well this year. However, we quickly received a large number of new members and we need to close enrollment again. 

We are grateful for your support of local farms, and we appreciate your interest!  Please email us if you’d like to join us next year.

Join our CSA to receive certified organic apples grown on our farm

Box Sizes

Choose from four sizes:
● Small (about 3 lbs per delivery)
● Medium (about 5 lbs)
● Large (about 10 lbs)
● Extra-large (about 20 lbs)

Delivery Season

August 12 to October 29.

Delivery Schedules

● Weekly (12 total deliveries) OR
● Biweekly (6 deliveries)


Multiple Delivery Sites

Deliveries in Platteville and the Madison area.  See a map.  At most of our sites, you can pick up vegetables from another CSA farm while you pick up our apples.

What's in each box?

Typically 2-4 of our varieties that are in season.

Optional Extras

You can order:
● #2 grade apples (blemished and discounted – great for juicing or applesauce)
●  Applesauce or Apple Butter

Weekly Newsletter

Farm news along with cooking and storage tips for your fruit.


View prices.  Payment plans and financial assistance available.


We have filled all of our available memberships for 2020.

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