Box Size
Price Before May 1
Price After May 1
WEEKLY (12 Deliveries)
EXTRA LARGE (~20lbs per week)
LARGE (~10lbs per week)
MEDIUM (~5lbs per week)
SMALL (~3lbs per week)
BIWEEKLY (6 Deliveries)
EXTRA LARGE (~20lbs per week)
LARGE (~10lbs per week)
MEDIUM (~5lbs per week)
SMALL (~3lbs per week)

Payment Plans

(1) Single payment: pay entire amount when you enroll
(2) Two payments: when you enroll and on 9/1
(3) Four payments: when you enroll, 9/1, 10/1, and 11/1

Health Insurance Rebates

Some area health plans offer their members a rebate towards the cost of a CSA membership.  You pay us the full price and then apply to your health plan for the rebate.  Read more.

Financial Assistance

Low income households can apply for financial assistance  through the Fairshare CSA Coalition’s Partner Shares Program.  Fairshare can also help you use SNAP/EBT benefits to pay for your CSA membership. Read more.


Farming is risky, and members of our CSA support our farm and assume some of that risk. If weather, pests, or other factors reduce yields, we will do utmost to provide apples to CSA members by, first, withholding apples from our other markets, and, second, giving out #2 grade apples. Nevertheless, it is possible, although unlikely, that we will not be able to provide you the expected amount of apples. 

How to Enroll

Enroll with our online form.  You will not pay online when you complete the form.  After you submit the form, we will email you within 24-48 hours to confirm your membership and provide payment instructions. Your initial payment is due by mail within 14 days. 

Deadlines: There’s no deadline, but we limit our members each year to the number which we can feed from our farm.  We encourage you to enroll early.  We do offer a reduced price if you enroll before May 1.

Prefer not to enroll onlineDownload our paper signup form.

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