Processing Apples

ApplesauceWe are offering #2 grade apples for sale.  These apples have small defects but they are well suited for processing into applesauce, apple butter, cider, etc.  Typical defects in these fruit are: small insect feeding holes at the surface of the fruit, deforming or scarring, bruising, being underripe or overripe, or very small size.  Our intent is that most of these fruit will be usable, but you may need to trim away small areas.  We don't include fruit which are visibly rotting or have severe insect damage.  Like all of the produce we grow, these apples are certified organic.  Apple varieties will vary, but we will try to include a mix of varieties in your order.  Generally a mix of varieties gives a richer, more complex flavor in processed products.

Delivery Dates

As we harvest each apple variety during the autumn, we sort out the #2 fruit.  We cannot predict accurately how much we will have available each week.  When you place your order, you can specify dates when you are willing to receive the apples.  We encourage you to choose as many dates as possible, because this will increase the chance that we can fill your order.  On each delivery day, we will fill orders for that day in the order in which we received them.  We cannot guarantee in advance whether we will or will not fill your order on any specific date.

We will email you on the morning of the day when we deliver your apples.  We will also write a note on the checkoff sheet at the delivery site stating that we have delivered your apples that day. Your apples will be in a box with your name on it - take that box in addition to your regular box. We will include an invoice with your apples and you can send us a check or pay online after you receive them.

How To Order

The price of the apples is $7.00 per 5 lbs; please order in 5 lb increments.

To order, fill out our online order form.  After you submit your order online, we will reply to confirm it within 24-48 hours.  If you don't hear back from us within 48 hours, please contact us to ensure that we received your order.

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