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All of the vegetables and apples grown on our farm are certified organic.

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We raise about 25 different vegetables for CSA members, emphasizing staple favorites such as lettuce, broccoli, tomatoes, carrots, onions, peppers, and squash.  You will enjoy each vegetable when it is ripe, at its peak of flavor and freshness.   Look at the chart to the right to see what's ripe in different seasons.

Swap Box

On each delivery day, you can trade vegetables from your own box for other items from a swap box at the delivery site. This allows you to partially customize your box.

We help you enjoy your produce:

• Our weekly newsletters includes delicious, practical recipes.
• On our website you can search for recipes from our past newsletters.
• You can opt to receive an email before each delivery forecasting the items in your next box.

Our members say: "I like your veggies very much – a good mix of tried and true plus more unique ones ... Your carrots are the best ... Your small red and orange tomatoes were extraordinary in flavor ... Killer purple onions! ... The squash was WONDERFUL - very flavorful and perfectly sweet! ... The green beans are primo ... Brussels sprouts were divine ... Your garlic is soooo much better than from the store ... Best I’ve ever eaten ... My man LOVES the kale! Who knew?"



Only members who choose our apple option receive apples.

We grow apple varieties which bear flavorful fruit and are also resistant to the diseases that make organic apple growing challenging in the Midwest.  We do not raise Honeycrisp, Gala, Delicious and other common supermarket varieties, which are not well adapted to being grown organically in our humid climate.  (Virtually all organic supermarket apples are grown in eastern Washington, where the dry climate protects the trees from disease.)  All of our varieties are intended for eating fresh.  We emphasize those which have a balance of sugar and acid (not very tart and not very sweet) and which have rich, complex flavors and aromas.  The chart below shows our varieties:


Our members say:  "They were delicious. Some of the best we've had... I loved the freshness and flavor of your apples... I wasn't sure about your apple varieties, but I was pleasantly surprised and very pleased with their flavor.... AWESOME!  Loved them... Wow, we loved the apples!! They taste so much better than other organic apples we've gotten from the store... LOVED LOVED LOVED having them in the box!... Honestly these were the best apples our family has ever had.  We really don't go crazy about apples and were really surprised when we all loved them... The apples were some of the best tasting I have ever eaten."


Options • Our Produce • Sample BoxesDeliveriesPayment PlansWhy CSA? • EnrollMember Workers

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