GirlWithSquashSeedling Care Instructions

We have raised your organic vegetable seedlings in soil blocks, which are cubes of compressed potting mix.  In our experience the soil blocks produce healthy, robust, high quality plants.  Soil blocks also eliminate the need for plastic containers.  Your plants received the same caring attention from us as the seedlings we transplant into our fields. We hope you will have a bountiful harvest in your own garden!  

To ensure the best possible start for your vegetable plants, please read the following information about seedling care and transplanting.  

Plant your seedlings as soon as possible.  If you cannot immediately plant them, you can hold the seedlings outside for up to a week, but you need to carefully monitor the soil blocks for dryness.  Avoid keeping the blocks in a windy location where they can dry out quickly.  The best place is a calm location with at least partial sun.  Soil blocks hold moisture well, but if they dry out, it is very difficult to thoroughly moisten them again.  We usually water our seedlings once or twice on a sunny day.  Check your vegetable seedlings carefully several times a day, and water as needed to keep the blocks moist.

Choose a sunny location in your garden for your seedlings.  Prepare your soil and fertilize as usual. To transplant, dig a hole for each plant deep enough that the top of the soil block will be just below ground level.  Water each soil block well and set it into its hole. Cover the top of the soil block completely with garden soil and water thoroughly.  Pay careful attention to your seedlings for the first week and make sure the newly planted blocks and the soil around them remain moist but not constantly waterlogged.

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