For Sale

Items being sold first-come, first-served.  We are trying to keep this listing as up to date as possible by removing what has already been sold.  Please email or call 608-726-2550 with questions on any of these items.  We will be at the Vegetable Production Conference in Madison Feb 1-2, the Organic Fruit Growers Winter Retreat in Trempeleau Feb 20-21, and the MOSES Organic Farming Conference Feb 22-23.  We can bring smaller items to you at any of those meetings.  Otherwise pick up at our farm in Belmont, WI.

Barrel washer, $2000

Grindstone 30″x96″ barrel washer.  Pine barrel, steel hoops, fixed speed motor.  We have mounted washer on a base with caster wheels with pneumatic tires so it can be moved aside when not in use. Motor plugs into regular outlet and runs with on/off switch on washer.  Water sprays out from copper pipe mounted inside barrel.  Chute at one end to dump vegetables into.  Attach your garden hose to bring water to washer.  New in 2015.  Very good condition.

Plastic Mulchlayer, $800

Basic flat-ground pan-type mulchlayer.  “Model 80,” made by small shop in PA, we purchased from Market Farm Implement.  Lays 3′ or 4′ plastic mulch and one line of drip tape underneath.  We have used successfully for over 10 years.  Basic and dependable.  Some rust. 

New Holland 329 Manure Spreader, $2000

Awesome condition for a used spreader.  Wagon is 11′ long, 4′ wide, 2′ high.  Very little rust.  Poly floor.  There is slight bend on one side the tongue, as shown in picture.  Tongue has been this way since we bought it and it has always worked fine.  5 speeds plus cleanout mode where beaters do not turn.  Lots of life in tires.

Gandy 5' drop spreader, $2000

Gandy 65 series 5′ wide 3 pt spreader with end wheel drive, 16″ wheels and hydraulic shutoff kit to open and close the spreader.  We also have the parts for a manual shutoff. Works well for seeding cover crop seed on soil surface and spreading dry soil amendments.

Hydraulic shutoff

BCS 30" Rototiller, $500

Comes with quick-hitch PTO.  Adjustable to narrower width.  Lightly used, tines in good shape.  We are selling just the rototiller implement – you need a BCS brand or compatible walk behind tractor to run this.

Set of Furrowers for Rotavator, $75

Mark rows and dig furrows for transplanting while you rototill.  We have used these furrowers since 2011 and they work well.  The furrowers bolt to the rear flap of your rotovator (you will need to drill holes in the rear flap).  They make furrows about 2″ deep.  Drop your transplants in the furrow and sweep the soil in from the sides of the furrow to cover the plugs or soil blocks. Spacing of shanks is adjustable.  The shorter furrower (top of the first photo) can mark 2 rows 24″ apart, or 3×12″, or 4×8″.  The longer furrower (middle of the first photo) can mark 2×32″, 3″x16″, 4×10.7″, or 5×8″.  Pretty simple and heavy duty.  Nothing has ever bent or broken except the U-bolts which I have broken a couple of times by overtightening the nuts, but the u-bolts are commonly available at hardware stores.

Both furrowers along with extra shanks
This shows one furrower in orientation it would be while attached to the rotovator. Rear flap of rotovator would be underneath the more horizontal half of the angle iron.
Hole in center of photo is one of mounting holes used to bolt furrower to rear flap of rototiller

Walkin Cooler, $650

Interior dimensions 88″ x 64″.  La Crosse brand, built from steel prefab panels.  Used through fall 2018.  Thermostat, evaporator, compressor, interior light, all wiring included.  Two display windows built into one wall; these are covered by pink foam insulation in photos.  Doorway 28.5″ x 73″; door has heavy duty hinges and latch.  Top hinge is broken but door has always functioned fine despite that.  Floor is foamboard insulation covered by plywood which is near end of life and should be replaced soon.  Cooler is assembled; we can help disassemble.  Evaporator fan not working currently; we are fixing. 

One broken hinge
Door latch

12'x44' Greenhouse Frame and Plastic, $900

12′ wide quonset style greenhouse. 3′ high sidewall, ~7′ high at peak. 4′ arch spacing. Page 41 in Nolt’s Midwest Produce Supplies Catalog. Arches are 1.315″ 16 ga galvanized pipe, ground stakes are 1.66″ 14 ga. Basic, economical and durable. We have disassembled the greenhouse and it is ready to go. We will sell the following parts as a kit, some are used and some new:

6 mil 24’x100′ greenhouse plastic, new in box
(12) arches, used: two end arches already have wigl wire channel attached
(24) 72″ ground stakes, mix of used and new
1.315″ galvanized pipe, used, ~180′ total – enough for ridge purlin and two rollup sides plus 4 windbraces in corners
Pipe straps – 40 new or used, for attaching baseboards and hipboards to 1.66″ pipe,
Pipe straps, 14, new or used 1.315″ size for attaching end of purlins to end arches and for attaching wind braces to ground stakes
Cross connectors 1-3/8 x 1-3/8, used, 30
40 Snap clamps for attaching rollup plastic to pipe, new
90′ wiglwire channel, used – enough for two hipboards. The two end arches come with wiglewire channel attached
WiglWire, more than 150′, used – enough for two hipboards plus end arches
4 1″ PVC ells and pieces of 1″ PVC pipe to make rollup cranks
8 End wall brackets for attaching 2×4 or 4×4 lumber in end walls to end arches
Aluminum rope hooks, bag of 25, new – use for rollup side batten rope
Eye bolts, 20, 5/16″x3″, new or used, for attaching batten rope to baseboard.
1-1/2″x1/4″ galvanized lag screws, 100, new for attaching pipe straps to baseboard and hipboard.
25 2″x5/16″ galvanized hex bolts and nuts, new, for attaching arch to ground stakes.
Tek screws #12×1″, new – large handful.
Tek screws #12×1.5″, 100, new – for attaching wiglwire channel to hipboard and baseboard.

Buyer will need to purchase the following additional items:

1/4″ rope (~150′) for rollup battens – available locally

Lumber for hipboards, baseboards, (176′ of 2×6 or 2×8 will suffice for hipboards and baseboards) plus lumber and doors for endwalls
We can talk you through the construction process.

Caterpillar Tunnels

Materials to construct caterpillar tunnels similar to the one showed above.  We have used these tunnels in the field for seven seasons and never lost one to wind.  Excellent for summer cukes and tomatoes, as well as early spring/late fall greens.  Tunnels probably cannot stand up to heavy snowload.  We will sell individual items as shown below or $1000 for all of these items.  Materials below are basically enough for (3) 84′ or 90′ long tunnels, each 10′ wide.  In addition to items listed here you would need 2 t-posts per tunnel, sandbags, and something to prop up covers during hot weather IF you are using greenhouse plastic as covers.  When we used row cover to cover tunnels we never vented the tunnels. We can provide instructions for constructing these.  It is pretty quick and easy.

(48) 20′ Sch 40 1-1/2″ PVC pipe.  Most of these have been used and are pre-bent into arches; a few unused straight ones.  We spaced these at 6′ spacing.  Cost over $800 new.  $200 for all.
(111) 15″ earth anchors (for tieing off ropes that run over tunnel in between each pair of arches). $150 for all
(84) short pieces of 1.315″ galvanized pipe.  These are pounded into ground and arches are slipped over the top of them.  75 of these are 36″ long, 9 are 30″ long. $75 for all
(2) 30’x100′ 5131 row cover, for covering tunnels.  Used several seasons.  $125 for both
(2) Typar T-518 30’x200′ row cover, for covering tunnels.  Used one season.  $300 for both
(3) 28×100 Tufflite greenhouse plastic, for covering tunnels.  One piece used one season, other two used for several seasons.  $200 for all

Free if you buy rest of components here:
(approx 50) 25′ long pieces of 1/4″ black rope.  These are ropes that run over the top of the tunnel. 
(4) pieces of 1/4″ black rope approximately 140′ long.  These are the “purlin” ropes that run the length of the house. 


Greenhouse / Season Extension Supplies

SOLD! Row Cover

We have a number of 7′ wide pieces, all used and rolled on steel pipes:  $100 for all.
(4) 7’x300′ and (9) 7’x100′, no or few holes
(7) 7’x300′ and (17) 7’x100′, some holes or tears but still acceptable if insect exclusion is not important


Pipe fittings

Cross-connectors, brace bands, pipe straps for 1.315″ pipe.  Ask if interested.

Plant hooks

Heavy duty S-hook extension hangers. Hooks fit over 1-3/8" galvanized pipe for trellising or hanging baskets. 100 each of three sizes: 12", 18", 24". Some are new and some are used with a little dead plant residue attached to them. Nolts items S12, S18, S24. $25 for all

(18) 30" Earth Anchors, $30 for all

Heavy duty anchoring. Keep your intern's yurt from blowing away. Some of these are slightly bent.

SOLD! Greenhouse Fans

(2) 12″ plug-in exhaust fans with louvers, $25 for both.  Used very briefly in a root cellar, work fine.


SOLD! Hoopbenders, $25 each

12′ hoopbender.  Identical/equivalent to Johnny’s item 9018.  Make 12′ 12′ wide arches out of two 10′ pieces of 1.315″ steel pipe.  $25

4′ low tunnel bender.  Johnny’s item 9377.  Makes 4′ hoop out of a single 10′ long 1/2″, 3/4″, or 1″ conduit piece.  $25

6′ low tunnel bender.  Johnny’s item 9520.  Makes 6′ hoop out of a single 10′ long 1/2″, 3/4″, or 1″ conduit piece.  $25

SOLD! 12' steel arches

56 steel arches, 12′ wide, each made from 2 pieces of 1.315″ galvanized pipe using Johnny’s 12′ wide hoopbender.  Great for simple hoophouses or caterpillar tunnels. Used but have many years of life left.  $400 for all.


SOLD! 6' wide arches

(20) 6′ wide hoops, made from 1/2″ EMT conduit using 6′ hoopbender from Johnny’s.  Excellent condition  $10 for all


Landscape Fabric

All for $900 or priced separately:
(1) 32’x150′ 2.2 oz/sq yd.  Barely used.  $100
(5) 12’x300′ 2.2 oz.  NEW.  $475 for all
SOLD! (13) all 100′ long, mixed 12′ wide 2.2 oz and 12.5′ wide 3.2 oz.  No more than a few months of use, no holes, $350 for all
(2) 16’x~100′, 2.2 oz holes punched 18″ apart down center of each piece.  Used 1 season for caterpillar tunnel tomatoes.  $75 for both
SOLD! (1) 12’x~100′ holes punched 18″ apart in 2 rows.  $15


SOLD! (95) used fittings to connect drip tape to flattube header line with valve, $65 for all

Working, no broken valve handles.

SOLD! (100) new fittings to connect drip tape to flattube header line with valve, $90 for all

Brand new, in bag. Blue valve handle.

(150) drip tape x drip tape couplers with valve, $100 for all

Used, good condition

Drip tape couplers

Used but good. 330 yellow for $70, 90 black for $20

(106) used fittings to connect drip tape to flattube header, $20 for all

Used, good condition.

SOLD! 1.5" Green Layflat Hose

For headers or mainlines, better quality than blue layflat. New. 1 full roll 300', 1 roll almost full. $125 for all

1" Flattube

New. 2 partial rolls, estimate 300-450' total. $25

Seedling Tools

SOLD! (2) 4" Block makers, $35 each

Used, but still work well.

SOLD! Standup 1.5" block maker, $80

Used, but still works well

SOLD! Mini block maker $15

Barely used, excellent condition

(550) Seedling trays for 4" soil blocks, $80 for all

Flat tray, no sides, made from 1/2" fir CDX untreated plywood. Approx 8.75" x 12.75". Each tray holds 6 four inch blocks. We have used these for years for all of our tomato, pepper, eggplant seedlings and many cucurbits. We've sorted and removed rotten or damaged trays. These will last for years.

SOLD! (200) Seedling trays for 1.5"/2"/3" soil blocks, $35 for all

Similar to above, but 7-7/8" x 18-3/4". One tray holds three punches from standup blockmaker, so 60 1.5" blocks, 36 2" blocks, or 18 3" blocks.

Flame Weeder and Propane Tanks

Five burner 30″ walk-behind flame weeder to flame an entire bed at one pass.  Pressure regulator, squeeze valve.  From   $275.

(7) 10 lb propane cylinders, $225 for all

Moderate size and weight. Much better than standard large cylinder for carrying on your back while flame weeding.

Wheel Hoes

(1) Glaser Wheel Hoe with attachments, $350

9", 11", and 13" oscillating stirrup blades, Hoss disc attachment, furrower, and goosefoot blade. Pneumatic tires and metal handles. Handle height adjustable. Excellent quality wheel hoe in working order. Can be used with Glaser, Hoss, and Planet Junior attachments.

SOLD! (1) Planet Junior Wheel Hoe $75

2 wheels and knives, set up to straddle a row and cultivate on both sides at once. Metal wheels and wooden handles. I replaced bolts and it works well. Accepts same attachments as Glaser or Hoss wheel hoes. Spacing between two knives is adjustable.

Hand Tools

Harvest Tools

(6) Lightweight field knife, $9 each

7-3/8" blade, Johnny's item 9153

SOLD! (4) Felco #5 pruners, $12 each

Excellent for harvesting pepper, eggplant, winter squash. Good working condition. Replacement parts widely available when needed.

(5) Victorinox serrated harvest knife, $8 each

SOLD! (5) Stainless harvest machete, $8 each

8" blade, Johnny's item 9671


Stirrup Hoes

SOLD! (2) Glaser stirrup hoe, 3-1/4″, Johnny’s item 9489. $25 each
SOLD! (2) Glaser stirrup hoe, 5″, Johnny’s item 9500. $25 each
SOLD! (2) Glaser stirrup hoe, 7″, Johnny’s item 9504. $25 each
SOLD! (1) Amman 5″ stirrup hoe, $20
SOLD!  (1) Amman 7″ stirrup hoe, $20

SOLD! Long handled wire weeder. $25

Johnny's item 9374. For precision weeding

SOLD! Collinear hoe. $25

Johnny's item 9587. Long handled hoe with replaceable blade.

(1) Easy-Plant Jab-Type Planter $50

Johnnys item 9178. - A hand planter for corn, beans, squash, pumpkins, melons, cucumbers, and sunflowers on open ground or through plastic mulch. Work standing up while you plant. We have used this for years and it works well.

SOLD! (5) Right angle trowel, $16 each

Johnny's item #9274. Great for transplanting. Excellent condition. (Brown stuff on handle is duct tape, not rust - tape makes the metal handle easier to grip.)

SOLD! (9) Hand hoes, $8 each

Johnny's item #9187. Good condition.

(1) Cobrahead weeder, $10

Johnny's item #9531. Excellent condition.

SOLD! (1) Hand wire weeder, $10

Johnny's item #9673. Spiffy.

(4) Dandelion weeder, $5 each

Some are slightly bent but otherwise in good condition.

SOLD! (2) Digging forks, $35 each

From Johnny's. Tines slightly bent. Excellent for digging root vegetables.

(1) Pitchfork, $10


(3) Strap-on milking stools $25 each

Great for picking tomatoes, pole beans, pole peas, raspberries. Stool straps around your waist and stays attached to your butt while you stand up and walk.

SOLD! Garden scoot $45

Sit down and roll along while you harvest or work in the shop. Seat swivels. Tough tires.

Battery powered spray caddy, $75

Handy for spraying in greenhouse or lanscape. Nolts Item SUP5, page 67 in catalog $300 new. We replaced standard plastic wheels with heavier pneumatic tires shown in picture so it travels well over rough ground. 6 gallon tank. 15' hose and handgun. Includes charger but NOT 12v battery. Battery can be purchased from Nolts (item SUP67, about $40) or online

SOLD! (135) 4' oak stakes, $40 for all

Nolts item TS-448.  Used 1″ square stakes.  Excellent for trellising peppers.

Produce Boxes, Bags, and Pint Containers

(73) New, unused cabbage boxes, $150 for all
SOLD! (460) Used but good condition Monte 3/4 bu boxes, $250 for all.  These are respectable – we have sorted out any torn, badly worn or dirty boxes.

(about 300) New clear plastic pint containers, Jordan item BER4140, $10 for all
(1 box of 1000) New clear plastic half-pint containers, Jordan item BER4142, $30 for all
(1 full box of 1000 plus about 600) New clear plastic lids for pint or half-pint containers, Jordan item BER4141, $40 for all

SOLD Greens bags 15×28, Glacier Valley item #748, 6 boxes of 550 bags each. Great for bulky leafy items like spinach or salad mix. $50 for all
12×17 produce bag on a roll 2 rolls of 1000 each. $25 for both
5 lb Red mesh bag for onions, >100 bags, $10.

Apple Trees, $7 each

Bare-root apple trees.  We bench-grafted these varieties in March 2018 onto G.41 rootstock and grew them in a hoophouse in 2018.  We selected the best trees to plant in our orchard.  We are selling the smaller trees here.  Most are 36″-60″ tall… not as tall as the trees in the picture above.  These smaller trees which we are selling could be planted directly into the orchard or grown for one more year in your nursery and then planted out.  The trees are currently dug and in our walk-in cooler, ready for spring planting. We have:

SOLD! (13) Ashmead’s Kernal
(21) Grimes Golden
SOLD! (8) Golden Russet
SOLD! (13) Hudson’s Golden Gem
SOLD! (6) Macoun

We strongly prefer to sell these trees in larger lots, in which case we will charge $4-$5 per tree.  In smaller numbers, $7 per tree.


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